1. Supported smartwatches

    For now, the LG G Watch and G Watch Urbane are the only platforms supported by AsteroidOS. If you have enough time, you can try to build AsteroidOS yourself, this is the best way to get full control over AsteroidOS. A prebuilt image for dory is also available below.

    Be warned that AsteroidOS is a work in progress and it is nowhere near stable. The current state doesn't reflect the final AsteroidOS release at all, plenty of planned features are missing and plenty of bugs are known and still not fixed. Don't expect to use it daily for now, however aware developers' contributions are welcome.

    Building AsteroidOS
    In order to build AsteroidOS for your watch, use the following commands:
    git clone https://github.com/AsteroidOS/asteroid
    cd asteroid/
    . ./prepare-build.sh dory # If you want to build an image for the G Watch Urbane replace dory by bass.
    bitbake asteroid-image # This command should last several hours
    Unlocking the bootloader
    If it's not already done, you should unlock your watch's bootloader. Start by enabling the developer mode in the Android Wear settings and then enter the following commands from your computer before rebooting your watch:
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot oem unlock
    Flashing and booting AsteroidOS

    You can now flash AsteroidOS along your Android Wear installation and boot it via fastboot. Note that you'll have to use fastboot every time you want to boot AsteroidOS. It won't be that way in the future but for now, it allows to easily keep Android and AsteroidOS installed on the same device.

    You can also download a custom asteroid-image-dory.ext2 and zImage-dtb-dory.fastboot and adapt the adb push and fastboot boot commands accordingly. (Last updated on January the 22th, 2016)

    adb push -p build/tmp-glibc/deploy/images/dory/asteroid-image-dory.ext2 /sdcard/linux/rootfs.ext2
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot boot build/tmp-glibc/deploy/images/dory/zImage-dtb-dory.fastboot

  2. Other smartwatches

    Even if the current list of devices able to run AsteroidOS is limited for now, the adaptation to other smartwatches should be possible with more or less effort. If you have a watch that isn't currently supported, you might be able to help us by porting AsteroidOS to it. Here are some tips:

    Android and Android Wear smartwatches
    AsteroidOS is built on libhybris, a library that allows us to re-use Android drivers. That's why porting AsteroidOS to an Android watch is often easy to do. You should first try to search for your device's kernel source tree and verify if its bootloader supports fastboot or odin. Then, get in touch with us via IRC and we will be able to see what can be done!

    Tizen smartwatches
    Tizen smartwatches might be a little bit harder to get running than the Android ones but they should be accessible with some effort.

    Pebble smartwatches
    Pebble smartwatches will probably never be supported by AsteroidOS because of their e-ink screen and closed bootloader.