If you decide to compile AsteroidOS from source be aware that it’s a simple process but the first build might take you a lot of time. Report any problem to the issues tracker:

Start by installing the prerequisites:

git build-essential cpio diffstat gawk chrpath texinfo python2.7 

Clone the main repository using the following command:

git clone https://github.com/AsteroidOS/asteroid.git
cd asteroid/

This repository only contains a shell script that populates src/ with OpenEmbedded and the appropriate Asteroid layers. Then, it setups the environment for a bitbake build. The following command will setup a build for dory (the LG G Watch) but you can also build an image for other watches by using the corresponding codename.

. ./prepare-build.sh dory # Be careful that this script must be sourced and not only ran

If the environment has been correctly setup, you should now be in the build subdirectory.

Once the environment is prepared, you can simply trigger a build with the following command:

bitbake asteroid-image

Note: Bitbake is a powerful tool that can also build single packages (e.g: bitbake strace) or the SDK for example. Refer to its documentation for more details.

After a while, the generated image should be available in build/tmp-glibc/deploy/images/dory/.

Install AsteroidOS using your usual device's instructions.