This web site can be built and run locally within a software container, such as those created by container engines like Docker or podman. One reason for doing this is to be able to install and build the documentation without having to load the collection of tools on your real computer. Building and running a documentation server in a local container is the topic of this page.

Building the web site

This documentation will use podman, but the commands for docker are identical. If you wish to use docker instead of podman, just substitute docker for podman in each of the commands shown below.

podman build -t asteroidos-website

This will create an asteroidos-website image which is only around 236 MB and based on the Alpine Linux distribution.

Running locally

The commands above are useful for creating the latest version of the web site. This section describes how to make changes to the documentation locally and try them out in a container.

Create a local version of this repository with git clone Then go into that directory cd

export adoc = $(podman run --rm -dv "$(pwd)":/tmp/ \
    -p8080:80 asteroidos-website)

This will start the container and run it in the background, and assign the number returned to a variable called adoc.

podman exec ${adoc} grunt

This will rebuild the website and you will be able to see it by pointing your browser to localhost:8080/.

If you decide to make changes to your copy of the website, you can make the changes and then rebuild by running grunt within the container.

Running the unmodified version

Note: if you want to simply run and view the unmodified version, you can simply use:

podman run --rm -d -p8080:80 asteroid-website

This will run the version of the website within the container that existed when the container was constructed.