Hack your wrist

AsteroidOS is an open-source operating system for smartwatches.

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Freedom & Privacy

We believe that when it comes to wearable devices, users should have full control over their machines and data. AsteroidOS has been created from the ground-up with modularity and freedom in mind. For this reason, it is a free and open-source project.

Ready for your wrist

AsteroidOS unleashes the potential of your watch with up to 48 hours of autonomy and a set of apps including everything you need on a smartwatch: an agenda, an alarm clock, a calculator, a music controller, settings, a stopwatch, a timer and a weather forecast app.

Proven building blocks

AsteroidOS is built upon a rock-solid base system. Qt and QML are used for fast and easy app development. OpenEmbedded provides a full GNU/Linux distribution and libhybris allows easy porting to most Android and Wear OS watches.


Since its creation in 2015, the AsteroidOS project has been open towards external contribution and collaboration. The project is still in active development, if you want to help, make sure to check the Get Involved page. Our vibrant community will welcome you with open arms.