Get Involved

AsteroidOS is driven by a vibrant community. If you are interested in making wearable devices more open, here are a couple of ways to join us:


Developers can use QtQuick and qml-asteroid to create apps, components or watchfaces. C and C++ can also be used for middlewares maintenance.

Those who are comfortable with Linux systems can port AsteroidOS to new smartwatches and help maintain the OpenEmbedded layers.

Designers can join the UI & UX taskforce to brainstorm on the future of AsteroidOS, conduct usability reports and create mockups or wireframes for developers.

Internationalization requires contributions from many different persons. Everyone can create, review or maintain AsteroidOS translations on Weblate.

AsteroidOS is always in development and nightly builds are known to contain bugs. Nightlies testers can report and fix bugs or give new ideas on the bug tracker.

Donations are exclusively used to buy unsupported smartwatches or cover basic costs such as the server.

Enthusiasts can join the community on Matrix, Twitter and GitHub or even at various events such as Meetups, QtCon, FOSDEM, workshops and others...