> TODO List

AsteroidOS is a large project and involves many activities. Here is a list of some of the things that should be done in the future. If you want to get started with one of those tasks, get in touch with us via IRC on and take a look at the “Building AsteroidOS” and “Creating an AsteroidOS App” pages of this wiki.


  • Provide clear guidelines for developers with mockups
  • Create QML watchfaces
  • Add components to qml-asteroid


  • Compass (cf: Devices Support section)
  • Health tracker (cf: Devices Support section)
  • Phone ***
  • Agenda synchronisation to Sunrise/iCal/Google Calendar/Outlook Calendar ***
  • Music player via bluetooth/music files in SD card ***
  • Memo notes (text and voice, synced from phone) ***
  • Maps (offline with / online using bluetooth to phone with OpenStreetMap ?) ***
  • Personal assistant (via Sirius ?) ***

*** Those applications also need a new GATT Service in asteroid-btsyncd and the necessary code in Asteroid OS Sync to get new data from the smartphone.

Devices support

  • Port AsteroidOS to new watches
  • Make AsteroidOS work in QEMU (which QPA should be used?)
  • Better sensors support:
    • Create a compass app that uses QtSensors over sensorfw over hybris over android drivers
    • Retrieve and process info from the activity sensors on devices that have one
    • Wake up screen when tilted quickly (MCE and sensorfw)
  • Shrink android_manifest the same way as Mer did with droid-hal to make porting faster and easier

Core architecture

  • Better battery life

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