AsteroidOS can be installed as an alternative operating system on various smartwatches. Instructions for each model can be found below:

If you have questions regarding the installation process, please check out the FAQ section.

Asus Zenwatch 1

LG G Watch Urbane

LG G Watch

LG G Watch R

Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus Zenwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3

Will I be able to go back to the previous operating system after installing AsteroidOS on my watch?

When installing AsteroidOS, you can choose between replacing your previous OS or keeping a "dual-boot". If you decide to replace your previous OS, it is advised to make a backup of your userdata and boot partitions before flashing AsteroidOS, you will then be able to re-flash the previous OS later.

Where can I find a phone synchronization app?

A synchronization client for Android phones named "AsteroidOSSync" is already available to download on F-Droid.

What features will and won't be working on my watch with AsteroidOS?

The available features depend on the watch you want to use AsteroidOS on. Take a look at the table in your device's installation page for detailed information on your current model's support.

My watch is not listed on this page, what can I do?

You should refer to the Porting Status page of the documentation and check if a port of AsteroidOS to your watch is possible or in progress. If you are interested in porting AsteroidOS yourself to a new watch, please take a look at the Porting Guide page and get in touch with us via IRC.

I do not want to flash a prebuilt image on my watch, can I compile AsteroidOS myself?

Take a look at the Building AsteroidOS page of the documentation for detailed instructions on how to compile AsteroidOS yourself.