News ⟩ AsteroidOS 1.0 released

Four years ago, I envisioned an open-source operating system for smartwatches that would eventually become known as AsteroidOS. This project has steadily grown and gathered contributions from about 100 contributors from all around the world, all united behind the idea of an open wearable platform. When I first started, I never imagined how big this project would become and the quantity of work required to reach a stable version for daily usage.

Today, it is my great pleasure to finally announce the availability of AsteroidOS 1.0, the first stable release of this project!

What's in the 1.0 release?

What's next?

AsteroidOS is built on standard Linux technologies including OpenEmbedded, opkg, Wayland, Qt5, systemd, BlueZ, and PulseAudio. This makes it the ideal platform to build any sort of wearable project you can imagine. Do you want to run Docker on your watch? AsteroidOS can do it. Do you want to run Quake on your watch? AsteroidOS can do that too. The sky is really the limit! Our community welcomes anyone interested in playing with a smartwatch project.

A few often requested items being discussed for upcoming development are:

Down the development road a bit, the integration of a personal assistant would also be possible now thanks to our rock solid base platform.

On a less technical side, I look forward to organizing new community events like the ones we've already had in London, Brussels, Berlin, Gothenburg and Toulouse. Stay tuned on Twitter!

Written by Florent Revest on the 15/05/2018