Install MTK6580 Watches (harmony)

Hardware Support

Before installing AsteroidOS to your watch, make sure you are aware of the capabilities and limitations of AsteroidOS on the MTK6580 Watches. The following table should summarize the current support of this watch:

Display Touch Bluetooth Haptics Tilt-to-Wake Always-on-Display Microphone Compass Heart Rate USB Camera
good good good good bad bad good good bad good good


This port of AsteroidOS should cover the following watches:

For other MTK6580 watches, check out inharmony instead.

However, please note that only the Kingwear KW88 has been rigorously tested. Other watches have been reported to have various bugs, for instance the Zeblaze Thor has non working touchscreen. The Lemfo LES1 and Zeblaze Thor 3G have a screen rotated by 45° or the KW88 Pro requires a different scatter file.

You can report any hardware support issue here. Use the label harmony for issues specific to your watch.


Download AsteroidOS nightly builds

Store the files in your "Downloads" folder so the later commands work

asteroid-image-harmony.ext4 zImage-dtb-harmony.fastboot MT6580_AsteroidOS_scatter-harmony.txt logo.bin

Install SPFlashTool

SPFlashTool is a tool designed to flash Mediatek devices, you can download its latest version from

On Linux systems

Extract the content to a folder of your liking and run flash_tool as root.

On Windows systems

Extract the content to a folder of your liking and run flash_tool.exe.


1. Connect your watch

Plug the USB cable of your watch to your computer, with the current operating system running.

2. Setup SPFlashTool

In SPFlashTool, select the Download tab, under Scatter-loading File choose the MT6580_AsteroidOS_scatter-harmony.txt file you just downloaded.
Make sure you have a screen looking like the image below and then press Download.

3. Turn your watch off

Long press the power button until the watch turns off. As soon as the watch is off, it should be detected by SPFlashTool which will then initiate the flashing sequence. This step might take a while.

4. Turn your watch on

Once the flashing is over, long press the power button until the watch boots to AsteroidOS.

5. Enjoy your new OS!